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Garnet and Eiko fan art made by こくら, Final Fantasy IX


    Garnet and Eiko fan art made by こくら, Final Fantasy IX

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    How I spent my time at Pompeii today

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    Just some more pics of my hair ^.^

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    #hair dye  #atlantic blue  #turquoise  #directions  #plait 

    Gaiz I gots blue/green/EPIC hair ^.^

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    #hair  #dye  #turquoise  #atlantic blue  #directions 

    Gaiz I gots blue/green/EPIC hair ^.^

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    And there are many paths to tread.

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    My wife Holly built a full body costume of Blathers, then went around Comic-Con giving fossils to people (includes some familiar faces).  I filmed the entire thing and it was adorable.  Holly’s been working really hard on her YouTube channel and it makes me super proud to be seeing her do so!  Share this one around guys :)

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    Cutest Cloud ever ^,^

    Cutest Cloud ever ^,^

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    Omg omg

    Just got off the phone to an estate agent. My first step of getting a house after stalking websites for places I like.

    Found this new block of 1&2 bedroom apartments within a decent price range. Newly renovated in an old pub. How awesome would it be to say I live in a renovated pub. I’ve never heard/seen of it done elsewhere to be honest xD

    So on Monday I’m viewing this said block of apartments, gonna look at 4 apartments that are in my price range (I really hope the cheapest one is big enough. If I like the places I only hope that they’ll be available in a few months times when I can actually move. I need a bit more money behind me and time to find a new job up here.

    Some people in work have mentioned that if you work for a council, you can transfer to any other council in the UK. So I’ve sent personnel an email asking if this is true and if I can get any information on it, because if I could transfer, life would be sooooo much more easier ^.^

    Wahhhh things are getting really real!

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    I drew visuals for what we know so far about the naughty dwarf calender based off of this post. I also may actually make this into a real calender once we get more info about the other months!

    sorry but .. I had to reblog this ! Actually I have been thinking to draw a version of this calendar myself , but I never have the time . It’s cool someone has already partly done that :P

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    Hai tumblr! It’s been a while 😊
    Thought I’d do a lil blog thing for a change :D

    So things are amazing. At a much better place than I was a year ago, due to many reasons that I won’t go into.

    On the work front things are quite exciting. Our new build is built and although not ready for full opening, I’ve had the occasional shift down there cleaning/sorting stuff and I’m in love with the place.
    The only bummer about it is that one section of the unit is called ‘Seren’ which is Welsh for star, and also the name I want to name my first daughter (if that happens xD), and I have a tendency to dislike things relating to work, so I really, really hope it doesn’t get to me too much.
    It’s so big, new and high standard I’m really looking forward to moving there. I feel like it’s a new start. New staff structure and a new building, I really hope it’s going to be as good as I think it will be.

    Not that, hopefully, I’ll be there for long.

    Yep, I’m looking to be relocating in 6-13 months time. Last year Bristol was my destination, but changes happen and now it’s Birmingham. Probably somewhere near/ between Brum itself and Wolverhampton, I guess it depends where I can get a good job and somewhere that’s a decent area to live in. It’s quite exciting, the thought of getting my own place soon and living independently, somewhere new to meet new people and become a fully fledged adult ^.^

    On the travel side of things, nothing big planned yet (an idea but not until next year anyhoo). Going to have a nice two week break in France in August, relax in the sun and do sweet eff all. And then come home to i52 and hopefully have a similar weekend to i49 last year ^.^
    Next years plan is to hopefully make my way to Canada to see my wifey Chloe (and Colin too I guess 😜) and I can’t go all that way and not stop off somewhere… Maybe say… Las Vegas? Haha I want to do that but wether I’ll have the money to or not is another matter, especially if I do have a place to live at some point by then.
    So yeah France will cap my travel bug for the time being and Canada’s the plan for next year ^.^

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    love Love LOVE This song, ‘specially this lyric ^.^ 

    love Love LOVE This song, ‘specially this lyric ^.^ 

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